More than a journey, discover life lessons

Everyone who arrives at Guatemala leaves better, more complete. With an adventure that wasn't expected. That is why in Guatemala we would like to show you something more than lakes and volcanoes, more than Mayan cities and more than towns full of color.

We want you to break your prejudices and know both millenary and contemporary cultures coexisting in an unexpected way.

We want you to come and let us teach you LIFE LESSONS.


There are hundreds of beautiful landscapes by which Guatemala is known for throughout the world. In this section we want to show you a different view, we want to show you life lessons.


Learn more about the places you can travel to in Guatemala. Maps where you can find hotels, hostels, natural reserves and many more tourist attractions. You can also find tips left by other travelers from all around the world.


Share with the rest of the world the Life Lessons that you’ve learned in Guatemala. Upload your photos, share your tips, recommend places and leave your comments.